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Всё так же играю в Mafia Wars на Facebook, уровень перевалил за 470. С удивлением обнаружил, как невыносимо тяжело стало играть - практически невозможно побеждать в побединках и грабить у других, хотя раньше это было довольно просто (а это здесь неотъемлемая часть игры).

Злой и недовольный написал в техподдержку Zynga, ожидая очередной "воды", как они присылали раньше. Ан нет! Мне настолько чётко и здорово ответили, что я даже не удержался от похвалы в адрес ответившей мне сотрудницы. Вкратце - она приняла недовольство, подкинула мне игровой валюты, на недостаток которой я жаловался, при этом, не слишком много и не слишком мало, ровно столько, сколько бы мне задавило недовольство и столько, сколько не хватит, чтобы сделать всё, что мне требуется. Т.е. в меру. Потом объяснила про сложности боевой системы, которая уже не считает тебя новичком после 450 уровня и ты уже считаешься бойцом, поэтому на тебя нападают не 450 уровень максимум, как раньше, а вплоть до бесконечного и выше :) Более того, дала адрес сайта, где я могу выразить своё недовольство и свои пожелания (ну прям комплейнт, только заводишь сам). Блин, умница какая! Давно меня в техподдержках так не "облизывали". Работая, собственно, теперь сотрудником отдела качества в техподдержке Майкрософт, начинаешь понимать цену такого сервиса. А главное, мне ответили спустя какой-то там час или даже меньше. Вот это да!

Под катом, собственно, текст письма в оригинале (оригинал в самом низу, последнее письмо - вверху, сначала,менять местами не буду, потому что сил никаких), кому интересно, ответа и адрес ссылки с комплейнтом. Вдруг ещё кто играет и тоже этим недоволен.

Hello Сергей,

Thanks for getting back to us.

Nice to hear from you again, I love hearing that I could help you out. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your feedback. When players like you are happy it shows that we are doing a great job because your satisfaction is our highest priority. 
I am also a daily player and share your frustration when issues like this arise. Thank you Ð¡ÐµÑ€Ð³ÐµÐ¹, so much for your constant support of Mafia Wars. Please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with. 

We are really proud to have an excellent player like you in our Mafia family.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!! 

Best Regards,
Andrea P.
Zynga Customer Support
Your Incident # is: 110415-2201773

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Discussion Thread

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Email from Fri Apr 15 18:53:06 GMT 2011

Re: Reply from Zynga Customer Support[ ref:00D6J52i.5006CiC1p:ref ]
No way! Andrea, take my greatful regards! You\'ve succeeded the hard
mission to satisfy a very conflict customer :)
You see, 1,000,000 Baht is not enough, but is of great help, yeah,
thanks a lot, I think I\'ll deal with what is left. Yes, I received
them, still can\'t believe it a little though.
And also, thanks for explanations and the link. I still can not
agree to the situation, when clearing 9-0 is almost impossible after
450 level and icing a rival as well in fighting, as the guys who are
lower than you in level or mafia are shown as rarely, as a fly, who
has eaten a whole elephant.  But your explanations made me calm,
thanks a lot. I\'ll surely will leave my suggestions on the site you
have provided me with.
The lasr thing I want you to know and I will be glad, if you show
this to your management stuff  or somebody. I personally work in
Russian Microsoft support team, that is why I know, how hard working
in support team can be (especially, taking into consideration the
special features of Russian people) and how high the requierements
the support agent could be. So, you are one of some rare people in
your support team (and I\'ve contacted 6-8 people already), who prove
to be high class and need to be rewarded. Thanks, I\'ll answer all
the questions in a positive way, be sure of it, if the survey about
the level of service shows up.
Best regards,
Sergey Mazaev

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Email from Andrea Alejandra Padilla MonterrosoFri Apr 15 18:36:24 GMT 2011

Reply from Zynga Customer Support
Hello Сергей,
Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support.
This is Andrea and I\'ll be happily assisting you today! Сергей, I really apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the Game. Remember that you are top priority for us so you can be sure that I\'ll do my best to help you out.
I understand your frustration and I\'m really sorry that you are not able to complete Bangkok because of the money you need to complete is to much. I was able to look up your account and I see that you are an exceptional player so I made some adjustements and I added 1,000,000 Baht, so you can complete Bangkok. Can you be so kind to check if they have been added correctly on your account?
Сергей, please allow me to explain more about the fight list feature:
When you start playing Mafia Wars or still have a weak Mafia the game will automatically block higher level players from showing in your fight list.This gives you a chance to build up your Mafia, increase your fight items, and increase your skill points in attack and defense. According to the fight list, level 450 is considered final graduation and you are no longer treated like a new player. At that point, any level of player can show up in your fight list.
I understand it may seem unfair to sometimes have to fight against players at a much higher level or with a bigger Mafia size, however being a high level or having a huge Mafia size doesn\\\'t really mean that their Mafia is stronger than yours or that they’re guaranteed to win every time.
It will depend on how many skill points they have put into defense, as well as the strength of their weapons, armor, vehicles and animals.
Even if player has 4,000 Mafia members, he can only bring 501 to a fight, so no one has a fighting advantage for having a Mafia size over 501.
In addition to this, the fight list updates. If you go to do jobs, send free gifts, or even travel to a different city, when you return to the fight list, there may be a different group of players at a lower level. I hope this answers your concern.
If you have any opinions about how the Fight List is designed, don\\\'t hesitate to share it on
I hope I was helpful to your concerns and if you have doubts of anything do not hesitate to contact me again.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for being a loyal player for Mafia Wars.
Kind regards,
Andrea P.
Zynga Customer Support
Your Incident # is: 110415-2201773

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Incident Entry by Zynga Customer Portal Fri Apr 15 16:18:04 GMT 2011

Oooook, good day once more. i know, I know, I made you compleeeeeetely tired of myself. But what can I do? There are so many doubtfull points in the game, which I surely face with.
Today I'm whining about a very strange situation. You know, i've almost completed all Bangkok mission, there is a lttle piece of.. missions is left. And they are almost impossible to get through, do you know why? What made the developers put such prices (in Bahts) to mission - still is bizzare to me. Where can I get Bahts? In missions? Oh, I've completed almost all of them, except those, that demand 2-3 million Bahts to buy mission items. Properties? OK! I've upgraded damn all of them - I now get miserable 300000 Bahts every loooooong period of time. You know, I don't want to wait, I want to complete Bangkok first, than finish other towns. Pay 10 reward points for even more miserable 250000 Bahts? Are you kidding? Should I be the millionaire to complete tha whole game??
Yeah - two more ways are possible: robbing and fighting. Ok, this point expands to some more specific ones. You surely are aware of fighting achievements in Italy (1000 ices - who on the Earth came to this? (and 999 trillion dollars achievement as well (it will take centuries to earn them (too many brackets, don't you think?)))), robbing achievements in Vegas and Italy and fighting and robbing ranks etc. Greaaat, I can fight and rob big money, get sweet rewards, bonuses, loot and so on. And that was so, untill I got 450 level. Now, every opponent I meet in robbing or fighting is 1-100 times higher in level, than me. 55000 level in Mafia Wars - is it a cheater or smth? OK, I can understand that, but fighting 1000-3000 level guys every time is making me so dissappointed, that I've just have to say something to rude and give up trying to earn a penny. A kopeika, if you know what is it in Russia.
So, the question of the day iiis: is there a chance, that the game will set uo itself so, that I'll have fair chances to fight and rob in a proper way to get money, rewards, achievements, bonuses, or it will keep humilating me?
Nice day, isn't it?
Best regards,
Sergey Mazaev
The annoying Russian

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